A Word To Saints Who are Gathering

by Eliza R. Snow

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Think not, when you gather to Zion,

Your troubles and trials are through--

That nothing but comfort and pleasure

Are waiting in Zion for you.

No, no; 'tis design'd as a furnace;

All substance, all textures to try --

To consume all the "wood, hay and stubble,"

And the gold from the dross purify.

Think not, when you gather to Zion

That all will be holy and pure --

That deception, and falsehood are banish'd;

And confidence wholly secure.

No, no; for the Lord our Redeemer

Has said that the tares with the wheat

Must grow; until the great day of burning

Shall render the harvest complete.

Think not, when you gather to Zion,

The Saints here have nothing to do

But attend to your personal welfare,

And always be comforting you.

No, the Saints who are faithful are doing

What their hands find to do, with their might;

To accomplish the gath'ring of Israel

They are toiling by day and by night.

Think not, when you gather to Zion,

The prize and the victory won --

Think not that the warfare is ended,

Or the work of salvation is done.

No, no; for the great Prince of Darkness

A tenfold exertion will make'

When he sees you approaching the fountain

Where the truth you may freely partake.


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Gossip Town

Author Unknown

Have you ever heard of "Gossip Town."

On the shore of "Falsehood Bay?"

Where "Old Dame Rumor," with the rustling gown,

Is going the live-long day?

It isn't far to "Gossip Town"

For people who want to go,

The "Idleness Train" will take you down

In just an hour or so.

The "Thoughtless Road" is a popular route

And most folks start that way.

But it's steep down grade and if you don't look out

You'll land in "Falsehood Bay!"

You glide through the "Valley of Vicious Folk"

And into the "Tunnel of Hate"

Then, crossing the "Add-To-Bridge," you walk

Right through the City Gate.

The principal street is called, "They Say"

And "I've Heard" is the public well,

And the breezes that blow from "Falsehood Bay"

Are laden with "Don't You Tell!"

In the midst of the town is "Telltale Park"

You're never quite safe while there,

For it's owner is "Madam Suspicious Remark,"

Who lives on the street "Don't Care."

Just back of the park is "Slanderous Row"

'Twas there that "Good Name" died,

Pierced by the dart from "Jealousy's Bow"

In the hands of "Envious Pride."

But Trouble, Grief and Woe

And Sorrow and Care you'll meet instead

If ever you chance to go!

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