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Links Especially for LDS Mothers

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General Authorities' View of Motherhood*

Different talks given by Presidents of the Church or Apostles about the great role of being a mother and the importance of it.


This is an email group for LDS for stay-home mothers. This group helps mothers from all over the world help each and give support in a variety of areas. The link to this is an email to Mimi, the list owner.   Just let her know you are interested in joining.

Married Mormon Women*

This is a page for married LDS women seeking strength from each other. It includes pages for recipes, hubby tips, lesson ideas, romantic ideas, and much more.

The Stay At Home Mom's Homepage

All kinds of good information for Stay home mothers.   Everything from losing weight and maney saving tips to games for toddlers and much more in between.

Midlife Mommies

Some of us are becoming parents later in life, or even starting second families. As Midlife Mothers we are a unique group with different needs and concerns that our younger counterparts. Some of us are caring for elderly parents, or struggling with infertility and even approaching menopause.

Midlife Mommies offers useful information along with a place to share dreams, ideas, and problems with moms who'll understand.

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

A non-profit, nation-wide support group for parents of twins and higher order multiple birth children

Family First*

Family First believes that the family should always be a top priority! Our site features family-related information and links that we want to share with your family!
We are also the home of the free Family First Newsletter and the Family First Webring

LDS Mom's Discussion List

The LDS Moms Discussion List is for mothers who are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. On this list you may discuss just about anything that is on your mind -- the church, your children, husband, family, cooking, housekeeping, finances, daily life -- just about anything!

Mommy Times

Online news letter for mothers


This a web page made for mothers who have children with heart defects. It is intended to give support and contact with other mothers who face the same problem.

Mothers At Home

Mothers at Home (MAH), Vienna, VA, is a national non-profit organization in its second decade of helping mothers across the country and overseas who choose to devote their exceptional skills and good minds to nurturing their families.

Hearts At Home

Hearts At Home was designed to give you job recognition. Our intent is to encourage, challenge and lift you up as you continue in your role as mother.


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