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Learning Tools

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Cassette Tapes: There are a wide variety of learning tapes available for anyone those is willing to look. Subjects include: classic literature, vocabulary, history, foreign language, phonics, multiplication tables, etc. These can be very useful because they make use of time that is normally not used for learning such as riding in a car and when a child goes to bed at night.

Posters: There are many posters that are designed to teach just about any subject that are available at most educational stores. Surprisingly, all we have had to do in our home is place the posters on the wall and they almost act as a magnet as our children read the posters and learn what is up on the wall.

Games: Games are one of the best learning tools because they require active involvement and are fun; both of these elements aid in the highest levels of learning and retention of knowledge.

Computer learning tools: Studies have shown that children will often learn better with a computer than when they are working with an adult. The reason is that children are not as afraid to make a mistake because the computer never shows negative emotions when a child makes a mistake so they feel less threatened.

TV Shows and Learning Videos: Over the years I have found good learning shows to be worth their weight in gold. Videos can be replayed many times over for better retention; they use both senses of hearing and vision as well as often helping the learner to get involved emotionally in the learning.

Books and Magazines: Well written books have always been recognized for their teaching ability. It is very important to read out loud as a family in addition to encouraging individual reading. When good books are read together, it becomes a shared experience. When you discuss literature and good works together, you are helping children to know how to interpret and learn from the material they have read.

Trips to Historical Places or Museums, etc.: When trips are taken as families, children are taught good habits of learning to enjoy learning. These trips also give great opportunities for discussions and creating a desire to learn more.

Example: Here is the most key element to creating a learning atmosphere. It is so important that our children see us as parents enjoying learning. It is important that we share our new knowledge with them and let them see our own excitement for learning

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