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A Talk From Mother's Day

By Marshall Tyler 12 years old (c) 1997 all rights reserved

"Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life."

Sophocles (495 - 406 BC)

Greek Poet and Dramatist

Today is Mother's day and I think that mothers are very important. I think that because of my mother. My mother is always trying to teach me the right thing and I am glad. My mother is always helping other people she is an example to me. I often will see her helping other people.

She makes cookies and brownies and sends us over to the neighbors to give them to them.

She respects me she gave up a career for me because she thinks her children are more important.

She cares about me she comforts me a lot

She once had us all make quilts to give to an orphanage that had no blankets for the children.

I know she has given away a lot of food to people who were out of work.

I remember her sending food, clothes, medicine, etc. for the people in Bosnia.

She writes lots of letters and articles to encourage other mothers to be better mothers to their children.

I also like knowing that my mother isn't perfect because that helps her remember to be more patient with me.

One of the best things about my mother is that she realizes that children are more important than anything else. Even when we accidentally break something she tries not to get angry so that we don't feel like material objects are more important than God's own children.

Or at least most of the time she remembers this. I have learned though that carpets are more important than children. Once I was cutting wood outside and cut my finger open. I had to walk through the house (it had wall to wall carpeting) to find my mother. When she saw my finger, she just yelled, "DID YOU GET ANY BLOOD ON THE CARPET???!!!!!" This last fall I had a serious injury to my face and blood was gushing out of my mouth and nose, my sister who was still thinking clearly, called 911 and my mother just kept yelling, "Get off the carpet, don't any blood on that new carpet!" I was light headed and wasn't thinking clear enough to get off the carpet so fast.

I am very grateful to mother though, because she once saved my life. A small lamp in my bedroom fell over onto the blanket I was sleeping under. About 1:00 in the morning my mother felt very strongly to go down to my bedroom. She thought it was silly to do so, but felt so strongly to go that she finally went. When she opened my bedroom door, smoke came pouring out of the room and she could see the orange flames. She woke me up and got me away from the fire then ran for water and put blanket out. If she had waited just a few more minutes it would have been a tragedy. Because she listened to the spirit, even at 1:00 in the morning, I am here today.

I hope we all appreciate our mothers.

Abraham Lincoln said,

"Behind every great man there is a woman."

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