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LDS Recent General Conference Reports*:  All the conference reports from April 1997 to present.

Relief Society Presidency*Meet the new General Relief Society Presidency here!

Official Church Website*: Many good resources from the church headquarters

Gospel Library*:  My favorite web site!  Hear you'll find many resources including all the church magazines for the last 30 years with a search engine to find any article or subject you need.

Classic Speeches Given at BYU*There are many outstanding talks here -- you can read them online or download them.  Some of my all time favorites I've bought on tape so we could listen to them while traveling in the car.

Humanitarian Aid*:  Ideas for reaching out and helping in your community.  Reaching out to others is part of our gospel.  If you scroll to the bottom of this page it gives instructions for things needed by LDS Charities to be sent to third world countries.

Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center*:  More information and ideas for Humanitarian Aid

LDS Women's Conference at BYU*:  Information for the next upcoming conference

Transcripts from Past LDS Women's Conference at BYU*:  Transcripts of talks given at the most recent Women's Conference.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World*:  From the first Presidency about what we believe in relation to families

Relief Society Declaration*:  From the General Relief Society Presidency on what we believe as sisters as the gospel relates to us

Church Distribution Center*:  An excellent source of church materials.  Has many helps for both individuals and families -- you'll get the best prices here!

Inspirational Stories*:  A wonderful collection of stories that give new insight to gospel principles.

Romancing Your Sweetheart*:  Have you ever noticed that when you first married, you treated your sweetheart differently than you do now? With time, change is necessary in any endeavor. HOWEVER, in a marriage, the changes should be positive, and should reflect a growth and maturity in the love you have for one another. That's what this web site is all about.


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