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The real poverty of the earth is as common in the South Bronx of New York City as it is [in India]. The poverty we must fight is the poverty of unwanted humanity, a spiritual poverty that develops when no one cares. This poverty will never be erased by money and medicine and materials. It can only be cured by love."

--Mother Teresa--

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Relief Society Colors -- Blue and Gold

Debra Oaks Coe (c)

In Relief Society one Sunday morning, the sister sitting in front of me had a bag that was a one of my favorite shades of deep blue.  As I noticed the color I saw the gold Relief Society emblem on the side of the bag.  Although I was very familiar with the Relief Society Emblem, I had never really noticed the colors before.  Perhaps I had seen the little stickers and posters you get from the distribution center so many times that the emblem was too familiar, but the bag was something I hadn't seen before.

As I sat looking at the words "Charity Never Faileth," the blue reminded me of the sky and heavens. As the gold stood out against the dark blue background I thought of several meanings.  We are of great value to our Heavenly Father.  We are literally His daughters and as such each of us is a Princess. Certainly we are worth more than gold to Him.  Seeing the gold stand out so beautifully, I thought of the idea that with God as our foundation and His commandments always the background of all our choices, our lives will stand out as does the gold color of the emblem.

It reminded me of a saying that my grandmother had given me to put on my fridge that I have read  numerous times over the years.  "In this life we are put in the refiners fire to see if we will be burned to ashes or refined into gold."  Our choices make up the elements that will determine whether or not we will have the qualities that will become gold in the fire.  These qualities are only obtained by surrounding ourselves with the things God just as the blue surrounded the gold emblem.

The Relief Society Organization is a major part of surrounding ourselves with the things of God.  It is an aid to help us in our efforts to be turned to gold instead of ashes.  The motto "Charity Never Faileth" reminds us that the most important choice that will affect our turning to gold is having the pure love of Christ as our guide. It is a reminder that His love for us never fails.  

While the official Relief Society has no is no real meaning behind the choice of colors in the Relief Society emblem, for me colors now remind me of what my life here is all about and that the Relief Society Organization is there to assist me..

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