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For the Busy Parent

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When I was growing up, every night my parents played a tape for us to listen to. They had a large reel-to-reel tape recorder in their bedroom and my father wired speakers into our bedrooms. We didn't listen to tapes they bought at the store. My father spent many hours reading good uplifting children's stories (all with a moral of course.) Some were true stories, others good fiction, but most were scripture stories.

My father began doing this because he wanted so much to be a part of our lives and to teach us correctly. However, due to his work schedule, church callings, etc., he was concerned that he did not have as much time with us as he would like. Thus he came up with this idea. He did the recording on days he was home and we were in school (he had a job with shift work.) This way he could "be there" even when he wasn't.

These tapes were the beginning of my real love for The Book of Mormon and an understanding of the basic stories it contained. To this day I remember many of the things he read on those tapes. I still reflect on the morals of even the fiction stories and see how they apply to my life today. Our own children all have tape recorders in their bedrooms and listen to tapes at night. The repetition makes it easy to learn anything that is on the tape.

From about age three to age five, every one of our children has insisted on listening to the scripture stories almost every night. I have been amazed at how much these pure little ones have preferred the scriptures to everything else.

The variety of materials available on cassette is endless -- our standard works, scripture reader tapes to go with the books produced by the church for children, composers and their great works, foreign languages, famous speeches, vocabulary, history, etc. You can even make your own as my father did.

Try letting your children listen to audio cassettes and see if it makes as much difference with your children as it does with ours.

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