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Year 2002 Theme:

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The Temple

I'm Going There Someday

"For behold, this is my work and my glory -- to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." 

Moses 1:39


General Resources for this 2002 Theme: Click on the month for Sharingtime ideas -- The complete articles suggested below can be found at  - Gospel Library

January: I Love to See the Temple

February:  My family can be together forever through the blessings of the temple

March:  The temple is the house of the Lord

April:  The temple brings the blessings of heaven to earth

May:  My body is a temple

June:  Temples are a sign of the true church

July: Temples bless Heavenly Father's children throughout the world today

August:  We serve others through temple work

September:  I will live now to be worthy to go to the temple and serve a mission

October:  I prepare to go to the temple as I follow Heavenly Father's plan for me

November:  I am thankful for temple blessings

December:  When Jesus comes again, He will come to the temple

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January:  "I Love to See the Temple"

"Who shall stand in his holy place?  He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart (Psalm 24:3-4)

Song:  "I Love to See the Temple (Children's Song Book, page 95)

**The Temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty.  I can feel the Holy Spirit there (D&C 109:12-20)

1.  "Sharing Time: A Temple Is the House of the Lord By Judy Edwards,    Children's Friend, January 1993

This page in the Friend has many ideas for the first weekly message.  

2.  Sharing Time: The Spirit of God

By Pat Graham,  Children's Friend, January 1986

This page also has several ideas for helping children understand that the temple is a place we feel the Holy Spirit.  Includes ideas such as telling about the Kirtland temple and what happened there at the dedication and have them sing "The Spirit of God"   Many other ideas as well.

*July 1997 Children's Friend also has a wonderful article titled "Revelation and the Kirtland Temple" that is also good 

** I'll go inside someday to perform sacred ordinance that will prepare me to live with Heavenly Father again.  I will make covenants and receive my endowment


** I will prepare myself while I am young to go to the temple.  I must have a recommend to enter a dedicated temple.

1.  Some of the ideas include:  have the bishop come and speak with the children about temple worthiness and temple recommends

2.  Have a temple worker come and discuss why we wear white in the Temple and what it represents especially in the way of purity.  


February:  My family can be together forever through the blessings of the temple

** In the temple my family can be sealed together forever.  Marriage in the temple is for eternity

1.  Friend to Friend by Victor L. Brown, Friend, May 1973, 6 -- great story of Elder Brown's family being sealed in the temple and how he felt the importance of going as a family to be sealed for Time and Eternity.

** Temple ordinances are performed by priesthood authority


** My family can live to be worthy of the blessings of the temple.  Love grows in my family as we have family homeevening, family prayer, and family scripture study and as we serve one another.


March:  The temple is the house of the Lord

** When Jesus lived on the earth, He came to the temple in Jerusalem

1.  Jesus and His Heavenly Father's House Friend, February 2001

2.  Scripture Reader Video Tapes that should be in every church library have a short section about Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem -- New Testament chapter 13 on the film  

** After His resurection, the Savior came to the Nephite temple in the land Bountiful.  He taught and blessed the people there.

1.  Scripture Reader Video Tape for the Book of Mormon.  Has a section about the coming of Christ to America that can be shown to the children.

2.  Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites  Friend April 1996


** When the Savior comes to earth, He often comes to a temple.  We can feel His Spirit there

1.  Scripture Reader Video Tapes for the Doctrine and Convents has a section about the Kirtland temple dedication and the Savior appearing there that can be shown to the Primary children.

2.  Sharing Time: A House of God  Friend March 2002

3.  Sharing Time: A Temple Is the House of the Lord  Friend January 1993

4.  Temples  Friend January 1993


April:  The temple brings the blessings of heaven to earth

**  The temple teaches us Heavenly Father's plan of salvation

1.  Sharing Time: The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace  Friend March 1994

2.  Sharing Time: I Shouted for Joy!  Friend April 1995

3.  Sharing Time: On the Right Path Friend, Jan. 2000

** The temple is a house of learning and inspiration

1.  Sharing Time: The Temple Is a Place of Revelation by Judy Edwards, Friend, May 1993, 12   ---  Several great ideas and activities that go with this week's theme.  

2.  Revelation and the Kirtland Temple  Friend July 1997

** A picture of the temple reminds me I am a child of God.  If I keep the commandments, I can live with Him someday.

1.  Sharing Time: A Place of Love and Beauty 

2.  Sharing Time- Hold to the Rod  Friend, June 1988, 24

3.  Sharing Time: There Is a Way!  Friend, Apr. 1998, 38

May:  My body is a temple

**I will keep my mind and body sacred and pure, and I will not partake of things that are harmful to me.  

1.  Temple Joy By Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Friend, June 1993  -- Supplemental story about a family where the father finally started to keep the Word of Wisdom and the happiness it brought their family as they were sealed in the temple.

2.  Young Gordon B. Hinckley-- Preparing Friend March 2001/

3.  "Ye Are the Temple of God"  Ensign September 2001

** I will only listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.  I will only read and watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father

1.  Sharing Time: The Lord Gave Me a Temple by Judy Edwards, Friend, Oct. 1993, 12  --- Excellent Resource with several ideas for this month's theme which includes an outstanding story of President Kimball and how he memorized hymns and other uplifting things as a boy to help keep his mind clean

2.  Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ Friend May 2000

3.  Sharing Time: Clean Thoughts Friend November 1995

4.  The Power of Music  Liahona, Mar. 1996, 40

5.  Sharing Time: Fun with Favorites 

6.  Inspiring Music-- Worthy Thoughts*** this is an excellent talk by Elder Boyd K. Packer that is a classic!  You could get many good ideas from this talk!

**  I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus reverently.  I will not swear or use crude words  I will dress modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and myself.

1.  “Hum Your Favorite Hymn” (Children’s Songbook, page 152)  I memorized this song as a Young Women at the age of about 16.  It has been a great help to me on many occasions and it a good one for the children to learn.

2.  What Makes a Man a Man? Friend November 1993

3.  Sin-- On the Tips of Our Tongues Ensign February 1991

4.  Honoring His Holy Name Liahona April 1998

5.  "The Tongue of Angels"  Ensign November 1999


June:  Temples are a sign of the true church

Sharing Time: The Lord Commands His People to Build Temples  by By Judy Edwards, Children's Friend,  February 1993

This page has ideas for any of the weekly themes and is an excellent resource.

**Moses and the children of Isreal had a tabernacle, a temple they carried with them.    Solomon built a temple in Jerusalem


**The Nephites had temples

**Joseph Smith restored temple blessings in the latter day

1.  Sharing Time: The Lord Commands His People to Build Temples

2.  The Sealing Keys Restored Friend February 2002

3.  The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated Friend March 1987


July: Temples bless Heavenly Father's children throughout the world today

** The pioneers worked hard and sacrificed to build temples

1.  Exploring: A House for the Lord by Sherrie Johnson, Friend, June 1993, pg 48 -- Good article about the building of the Kirtland Temple and how the Saints sacrificed to build a House of the Lord.

2.  Exploring: Temple in Nauvoo by Sherrie Johnson, “Temple in Nauvoo,” Friend, Sept. 1993, 47  About the sacrifices of the pioneers in building the Nauvoo temple.

3.  Grandpa Welcome by Myrna Hoyt,  Friend, Dec. 1993, 10  -- True story about a boy's grandparents the sacrifices they made for temples

4.  Heroes and Heroines: Truman O. Angell--Builder of the Kingdom by Shannon W. Ostler, Friend, Feb. 1987, 43 -- outstanding story about the architect of the Salt Lake City Temple.

** Members of the Church today make sacrifices to go to the temple

1.  Friend to Friend by Victor L. Brown, Friend, May 1973, 6 -- great story of Elder Brown's family being sealed in the temple and how he felt the importance of going as a family to be sealed for Time and Eternity.

2.  Exploring: Building with Ancestors by June Brown, Friend, Aug. 1998, 8 -- recent story about families that worked and sacrificed for the Vernal Temple -- really good story!

** There is a temple for my part of the world.

1.  Sharing Time: Temples throughout the World by Judy Edwards, Friend, Apr. 1993, 35    ----  Many ideas for showing there are many temples around the world and no matter where we live we can still receive temple blessings.  The only drawback is that over 50 temples have been build in the nine years since the was written and an updated list of temples would be needed, and updated list can be found at: 

2.  Find information about the temple nearest you and discuss such things as where it is located, when it was built, who gave the dedicatory prayer, stories of sacrifice made to build it, etc.

August:  We serve others through temple work

Sharing Time: Temples Are Places of Service by Judy Edwards,  Friend, July 1993, 12  --- Gives many sharing time ideas that go with this month's weekly themes.  

**In the temple ordinances are performed for our families and others who have died without receiving ordinances such as baptisms, endowment, and sealings

1.  Sharing Time: Temples and Ordinances by Judy Edwards, Friend, Mar. 1993, 12   Many good ideas for helping children understand ordinance in the temple.

2.  Tell about Lorenzo Snow’s experience inside the temple (see Valiant B manual, pages 180-181).

**I can prepare to serve in the temple by learning about my ancestors and doing family history work 


** I can write my personal history and write in my journal


September:  I will live now to be worthy to go to the temple and serve a mission

** Consider the needs of the children in your Primary as you choose two sharing time from the following topics:  

       I will pay my tithing

       I will be honest with Heavenly Father, others and myself

       I will do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father

       I will seek good friends and treat others kindly 

       I will share the gospel with other.


** My priesthood leaders guide me as I prepare to go to the temple.  I will honor my priesthood leaders



October:  I prepare to go to the temple as I follow Heavenly Father's plan for me

** I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I will remember my baptismal covenants and listen to the Holy Ghost.

1.  Sharing Time: First Things First by Laurel Rohlfing, Friend, Mar. 1990, 12   --- Lots of ideas and activities for sharing times that include faith, baptism, and listening to the Holy Ghost.

2.  Funstuf -- Has a great Fourth Article of Faith crossword puzzle for older children

3.  The Value of a Testimony by By Elder Helvécio Martins of the Seventy, Friend, June 1991, inside front cover

4.  Songs CS: "Faith” (pp. 96-97), “Repentance” (p. 98), “When Jesus Christ Was Baptized” (p. 102), “The Still Small Voice” (pp. 106-107).  “The Church of Jesus Christ” (p. 77).  "Baptism" (pp. 100-101); “I Will Follow God’s Plan” (pp. 164-165); “Choose the Right Way” (pp 160-161); “I Want to Live the Gospel” (p. 148); “Keep the Commandments” (pp. 146-147); “The Fourth Article of Faith” (p. 124); “When I Am Baptized” (p. 103).

**  I will choose the right.  I know I can repent when I make a mistake

1.  Renewing Our Covenants by Dallin H. Oaks, Friend, Aug. 1999, inside front cover  -- Great Analogy children can relate to about the need and joy of repentance.

2.  Sharing Time: The Courage to Choose the Right by Laurel Rohlfing, Friend, July 1991, 12   --- good sharing time ideas and a matching game to help children understand the importance of choosing the right

3.  Sharing Time: Choose the Right by Sydney S. Reynolds, Friend, July 1999, 13 -- more great ideas for sharing time that focuses on choosing the right.

4.  Sharing Time: Repentance-- Turning from Wrong to Right by Karen Ashton, Friend, Apr. 1997, 36  -- several ideas for helping them to understand repentance my favorite one from this is:   "Invite an adult member of the ward to portray Oliver Cowdery. Discuss with the children the blessing of the principle of repentance, and then introduce Oliver Cowdery to them. Have him explain his conversion, contributions, falling away, repentance, and rebaptism. Information concerning the life of Oliver Cowdery can be found in “The Prophetic Voice” (Ensign, May 1996, pp. 4-7); “Oliver Cowdery” (Encyclopedia of Mormonism, p. 335); and Oliver Cowdery’s description of events)"

5.  Songs that could go with this theme:  “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (Children’s Songbook, p. 78).  “Help Me, Dear Father” (Children’s Songbook, p. 99). "Repentance" (Children’s Songbook, p. 98). “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (Children’s Songbook, p. 74).

** My testimony will grow as I study the scriptures, pray, go to Church, and follow the prophet

1.  Scripture Power Clive Romney, Friend, Oct. 1987, 10-11  -- This is one of my favorite songs!  Teaches many of the principles associated with this theme.  At the bottom of this link you can click on the small picture of the music and a larger version will come up that can be printed and used at church.

2.  Sharing Time: Search the Scriptures by Pat Graham, Friend, Mar. 1988, 42


November:  I am thankful for temple blessings

**I am thankful to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for my family to be together 

**Temple blessings help me feel happiness and peace in my life and in my home

1.  Sharing Time: The Temple Is a Happy Place By July Edwards,  Children's Friend, June 1993  

**Temple blessings help me know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me.  I can show my gratitude to them

1.  Sharing Time: Father, We Thank Thee by Judy Edwards, Friend, Dec. 1993, 14  -- many helps with ideas for giving thanks for temple blessings.

December:  When Jesus comes again, He will come to the temple

** When the Savior comes again to begin the Millennium.  He will come to a temple

1.  Sharing Time: When He Comes Again  Lots of ideas for looking forward to the Savior's coming and how this relates to the celebration of Christmas -- has several good sharing time ideas!

Click to View Larger Format

2.  Jesus Christ Will Come Again -- Good resource for teaching children about the second coming.  Contains a good Flannel Board Story with pictures you can color and use in your sharing time.

**  We will do temple work in the Millennium.  It will be a time of peace and joy and righteousness

1. Sharing Time: When He Comes Again (see above)

2. First Presidency Message We Need Not Fear His Coming

**  My Family and I can prepare for the Savior coming by living to be worthy of temple blessings 

1.  Worthy of the Temple 

2.  Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice: Temple Blessings

3.  Sharing Time: A Place of Love and Beauty


2003 Theme:  

I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ

January:  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ.  "And they who were baptized in the name of Jesus were called the church of Christ."  3Nephi 26:21

** Heavenly Father loves and blesses us.  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to be our Savior 


**Jesus organized His Church.  He ordained others to the priesthood to act in His name


**The New Testament teaches us about Christ's Church


** When people began to change Jesus' teachings, many fell away from His church (apostasy).  The apostles were killed, and the Lord withdrew His priesthood authority.

angball.gif (1295 bytes)Another good Resource would be from the 1995 April General Conference where President Gordon B. Hinckley was sustained as the Prophet of the Church.  This was done in the Saturday Morning Session of Conference.  This could be played for the children to watch.  At the end of one of the sessions of this conference (unfortunately I don't remember which one)  There was also a wonderful recording of the sustaining of President Hinckley with the music "We Ever Pray for Thee" in the background.  It was only a few minutes long but would also be wonderful for the children to watch. 

angball.gif (1295 bytes)Funstuf Prophets ABC By Marianne Bates  Friend June 1995/Funstuf  

**** Fill in the Blank fun that talks about different Prophets through the ages

angball.gif (1295 bytes)Sharing Time: Follow the Prophets By Judy Edwards  Friend August 1993/Sharing Time: Follow the Prophets

****Great Game Idea that would work for many of the monthly themes for 2001

angball.gif (1295 bytes)Where in the World is Gordon B. Hinckley?  My children told me about this cute idea when we were visiting the 23rd Ward in Lehi, Utah.  You get a world map and post it somewhere in the front of the Primary room.  Each month when the Friend and Ensign come it will tell in the back places President Hinckley has been during that month.  It makes a fun twist to the idea of "Follow the Prophet" and helps the children understand how very busy and active the prophet is in sending God's messages to the entire world.


Special Occasions:

Thanksgiving Resources for Thanksgiving Sharing Time

Christmas Resources for Christmas Sharing Time

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Truth has such a face and such a mien,

As to be lov'd needs only to be seen.

John Dryden


True Nobility

by Edgar Guest

Who does his tasks from day to day

And meets whatever comes his way,

Believing God has willed it so,

Has found real greatness here below.

How guards his post, no matter where,

Believing God must need him there,

Although but lowly toil it be,

Has risen to nobility.

For great and low there's but one test:

"Tis that each man shall do his best.

Who works with all the strength he can

Shall never die in debt to man.



The Heights by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upward in the night.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


I saw Tomorrow Passing

Author Unknown

I saw tomorrow passing on little children's feet

And on their forms and faces her prophecies complete.

And then I saw tomorrow look at me through little children's eyes.

And I thought how carefully I must teach if I am wise!


A Diamond in the Rough

Author Unknown

A diamond in the rough is a diamond, sure enough,

And before it ever sparkled it was made of diamond stuff.

But someone had to find it or it never would be found,

And someone had to grind it it never would be ground.

But it's found, and when it's ground,

And when it's burnished bright,

That diamond's everlastingly giving out its light..


O teachers of our young folk,

Don't say you've done enough:

It may be that your rudest is

A diamond in the rough.



"Results and Roses"

by Edgar Guest

The man who wants a garden fair,

Or small, or very big,

With flowers growing here and there

Must bend his back and dig.

The things are mighty few on earth

That wishes can attain.

What e'er we want of any worth

We've got to work to gain.

It matters not what goal you seek,

It's secret here reposes.

You've got to dig from week to week

To get results or roses.





"A smile says 'I like you. You make me happy. I'm glad to see you." -- Dale Carnegie



"Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement. Be specific; the more specific the praise the more it will be appreciated and the less likely it will appear to be flattery."

Dale Carnegie



"Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them."

James Baldwin



People are changed, not by coercion or intimidation, but by example.

John Maxwell


Some of my best friends are children. In fact, all of my best friends are children.

-- J. D. Salinger



Leadership is action, not position.

-- Donald H. McGannon



I have never seen a man who could do real work except under the stimulus of encouragement and enthusiasm, and the approval of the people for whom he is working.

Charles Schwab



The first step to leadership is servanthood. John Maxwell



A wise leader inspires and motivates, rather than intimidating and manipulating.


Little Eyes Upon You

There are little eyes upon you and they're watching night and day

There are little ears that quickly take in every word you say.

There are little hands all eager to do anything you do.

There's a little boy who's dreaming of the day he'll be just like you.

You're the wisest of the wise,

In his little mind about you no suspicions ever rise.

He believes in you fervently . . .holds in all you say and do,

He will say and do it your way when he's grown up just like you.

There's a wide eyed little fellow who believes you're always right,

And his eyes and ears are open and he watches day and night.

So...... remember you're setting an example everyday in ALL you do,

For the little boy who's waiting to grow up to be JUST LIKE YOU.




God sends children for another purpose than merely to keep up the race -- to enlarge our hearts, to make us unselfish, and full of kindly sympathies and affections

Mary Howitt

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