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Cubs Scouts 

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Cub Scouting is a terrific program that is lots of fun for everyone!   There are many helps and resources available from many different sources and when done right, the leaders and families should be having as much fun as the boys. 

If you aren't having fun as a leader, check out some of the resources below and be sure to attend your monthly Round Table meetings for helps and ideas.  It really can be a tremendous amount of fun to work with Cub Scouts! 

My general experience is that a good Cub Scout program is well worth the effort.  Every great man who ever lived was once a boy.  Cub Scout boys will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.  If we help to train them to be good leaders and teach them how to lead and how to have good clean fun, we have served generations to come.  What a priceless gift.



Nobody Knows What a Boy is Worth

Author Unknown

Nobody knows what a boy is worth,
We'll have to wait and see. 
But every man in a noble place
A boy once used to be.

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Who touches a Boy By The Master's Plan

Author Unknown

Who touches a boy by the Master's plan
Is shaping the course of a future man,
Is dealing with one who is living seed
And may be a man whom the world will need.



Upcoming Cub Scout Themes:  




 Cub Scout Theme



Weblos Activity Badges

November     Discover Our Family Heritage


    Communicator / Scientist


    Holiday Magic


    Craftsman / Citizen


January             Does Not Compute


             Fitness /  Readyman
February     Turn Back the Clock


    Scholar / Engineer
March     Cub Grub   


    Handyman / Engineer
April     Bugs and Things


    Sportsman / Athlete
May     See the Forest for the Trees


    Outdoorsman / Family Member
June     Space: The New Frontier


    Traveler / Artist
July     From Sea to Shining Sea


    Aquanaut / Geologist
August     Toughen Up


    Naturalist / Forester
September      Pockets


October     Our Gifts and Talents


November     Turn on the Power




Cub Scout Links



What is Cub Scouting?  Good site explaining the how and why of where Cub Scouting came from.

Cub Scout Leadership and Resources:   Good list of resources on the web available to Cub Scout Leaders.

Pack Organization:  Basic information about the roles of everyone from the parents to the Cub Master in a Cub Scout Pack.  Also includes information about the Dens as well.  

Hints and Tips for New Cub Scout Leaders  

Discipline in the Cub Pack:  Good Article about what to do with difficult cub scouts to keep the happy and wanting to come without being disruptive to the other cub scouts.

Scouting History and Traditions: Excellent site that includes the story of scouting in the LDS Church along with other helpful information.

ADVANCEMENT MANAGEMENT SPREADSHEETS - The Virtual Cub Scout Leader's HandbookAdvancement spreadsheets you can download that make it easier for the leaders

The National Summertime Pack Award Program

Cub Scout Sports & Academics Guide

Meeting Dazzlers For The Cub Scout Leader


Scout Clip Art

Cub Scout Graphics

Scouting Images, Etc.

Index to Pack 215 Graphics FilesOne of the best collections of Cub Scout Graphics -- certainly has lots to choose from --


Skits for Scouts

Grant's Scouting Resources -- Songs and Skits

Assorted Skits for Campfires or Pack Nights

Skits:   Has several different skits for Cub Scout to do


Funs Songs

Clare's Cub Scout Songs Main Page

Grant's Scouting Resources -- Songs and Skits

Songs for Scouts

Scoutopaedia - Songs   This site has lots of songs (with music) and also cheers and yells



Stories for Scouts

Audience Participation Stories

Scoutopaedia Stories and Games



The Great Games Resource

Scoutopaedia Stories and Games


Special Ceremonies

Scouting Ceremonies



Art and Craft Webzine

Science Explorer: Exploratorium-At-Home Books  Lots of great ideas for Science things to do with cub scouts

Scoutopaedia Crafts

Craft Recipes   Lots of great craft recipes for young cub scouts to make!



U.S. Scouting Service Project - Baloo's Bugle   An online roundtable hints--fun fun stuff

Tracking and Stalking North American Wildlife

The Slide Show/ Neckerchief Slides

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